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My students and I learned to write interactive game code and build corresponding electronic circuits using the Arduino microcontroller. It is very satisfying to start from scratch and gain skills and knowledge while having an interesting time in the learning process. I think you'll find the book a fun way to learn about programming and electronics from the ground up. Make sure to bookmark this page for updates.

Narrated video showing a few of the electronic projects.

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Extreme Fundamentals of Technology

The first in the Extreme series, available as a paperback or eBook, provides a broad overview of high-tech subjects. We start with measurements of quantities in three dimensions, learn about digital circuits, ICs, computers, and electronic principles.

Extreme Fundamentals of Energy

This book, available as a paperback or eBook, examines forces and energy. We differentiate between AC and DC circuits, and examine climate change from a scientific perspective.

"Americans are competing in a world economy and need to change the mindset of being a nation of users and consumers to that of a nation of thinkers and makers."

Bob Dukish

Bob Dukish
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