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Extreme Fundamentals of Technology - Second Edition - Now Available in paperback or as an eBook on Amazon

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We provide a broad overview of high-tech subjects. You will learn about engineering principles, electronics, digital circuits, ICs, microcontrollers, and computers.

Just Released

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This book is a fun way to learn how to create programs. We code fun and interesting projects using Visual Basic Applications built into Office programs like Word and Excel.

Video with information and a few projects from the book.

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My students and I learned to write interactive game code and build corresponding electronic circuits using the Arduino microcontroller. It is very satisfying to start from scratch and gain skills and knowledge while having an interesting time in the learning process. I think you'll find the book a fun way to learn about programming and electronics from the ground up. Make sure to bookmark this page for updates.

A few of the electronic projects.

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This book was written while teaching Digital Electronics and Computer courses at Kent State University, and many student projects are featured. The Arduino Microcontroller is used to simulate some of the electronic circuitry.. Knowledge of basic electronics is a prerequisite to digital electronics. Some of my other books cover basic electronics.

One of our projects and some information on interfacing.

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We examine forces and energy and differentiate between AC and DC circuits. Climate change is described from a scientific perspective.

"Americans are competing in a world economy and need to change the mindset of being a nation of users and consumers to that of a nation of thinkers and makers"
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