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Extreme Fundamentals of Computer Programming

An Arduino book that covers basic electronics, describes microcontrollers, and has code for fun games and electronic projects.

Download free code from the Arduino book.

Extreme Fundamentals of Energy

This book, available as a paperback or eBook, examines climate change from a scientific perspective.

Extreme Fundamentals of Technology

The first in the Extreme series, available as a paperback or eBook, provides a broad overview of high-tech subjects.

"We Americans are competing in a world economy and need to change our mindsets from being a nation of users and consumers, to that of a nation of thinkers and makers. We need to expand our understanding of math, science, and engineering to move from simply being customers of overseas technology companies, to that of creators and builders of complex devices."
Bob DuKish

Last Update: 7/22/17
Contact: Bob DuKish